Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Astha Kiran?
Astha Kiran is a non-profit society registered in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh state of India, and has been working for the education of poor and deprived children from the slums area through its non-formal education centres and by supporting them in formal schools. 2. How did it come into being?
Astha kiran was established in the year 2002.It started as an effort by Ms. Sonia Singh, who somehow could not accept the harsh reality that education is not accessible to each and every child. She took the initiative of imparting education to the children begging at Charbagh railway station, sweeping floors in trains, selling water in used bottles, rag-pickers etc., and living at and around Lucknow railway station, Charbagh. Later on, she extended her endeavor to the slum children from various places in Lucknow and also involved more and more people in her initiative. Some of these children are orphan.

3. What does Astha Kiran do?
Our main objective is to ensure that education reaches deprived children from slum areas in Lucknow city to the extent our resources allow. To achieve this it is endeavored to bring maximum underprivileged and destitute children within the folds of our Shiksha Jyoti and Support-A-Child programmes.

4. Where does Astha Kiran work?
Astha Kiran’s work in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). Presently our organization is running five non-formal educational centres in different slums in Lucknow.

5. What is Support-A-Child programme?
Support-A-Child or Child Sponsorship is the commitment you, as a sponsor, make to change the life of a poor and needy child and his or her community through regular contributions. It is a relationship between you, your sponsored child, your sponsored child's family and community. This relationship is aimed at giving a better life not only to the child but also by extension to the whole family and even the entire community.

Is Child Sponsorship an effective way to help?
Yes. The best way to change the life of a child is to change the world in which he or she lives. By sponsoring a child, you will help to bring about a lasting change in the child's community and enable the child to grow up in a much happier and healthier environment.

Your sponsorship helps fund the children’s education. We do this in partnership with the local people and supportive educational institutions. The most vulnerable children are selected by the community to be a part of the Child Sponsorship programme.

When you become a sponsor, you can see for yourself the progress of your sponsored child's development and also that of the community.

6. How does my sponsored child benefit?
Astha Kiran believes that Education is the birth right of every child. Your support will provide a child her/his education, and also help the family as well as the community that your sponsored child lives in. This gives a chance for children to experience a normal and happy childhood.

7. Child Sponsorship in operation

How long can I sponsor a child?
Child Sponsorship is generally a long-term commitment, even up to 10 years or more. You can sponsor the same child for as long as the project continues or as long as the child remains in the sponsorship programme (often well into their teens).

8. Do I get a progress report on my sponsored child and his or her community?

When you become a sponsor, you will receive a pack containing a photo along with the personal details of the child and his or her family and also information about the community where he/she lives. A year later, you will receive your sponsored child's annual progress report.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes. You can sponsor as many children as you wish to. There are many children waiting for sponsors to support them in order to enable them to receive formal education.

Can I sponsor an orphaned or handicapped child?

Astha Kiran does not run orphanages yet. However, if there are orphaned or handicapped children within a community, you can sponsor them if you wish to.


How do I send my contribution (sponsorship gift) to Astha Kiran?

The sponsorship gift amount is payable annually (Rs.7000) at one go or you can pay in three installments whichever is most convenient to you. You can send the amount in our organization’s bank account through the Internet or make cheque in favor of Astha Kiran.
Always make your cheques favouring "Astha Kiran Shaikshik Evam Samajik Vikas Sansthan."

How much of the contribution I send is tax exempted?

All donations to Astha Kiran are tax exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act within India. Our receipt carries this message and the receipt will suffice for claiming tax exemption.

Can I send money from abroad?

Yes, Astha Kiran has permanent FCRA Account, and you can send money directly to our FCRA bank account.

How do I update my contact details?

If you have changed your postal address, contact phone number, email address, please do intimate through phone or email at

Phone: 0522-3047454 or Mob-09794632188

What if I cannot continue my sponsorship payments? What will happen to the child?

We understand that financial and personal situations change. If you need to cancel, just let us know and we will find another sponsor for your child. Your child will not be neglected.

Can I send extra gift money to my sponsored child?

Extra gift money either for the child's education, or other project needs is always welcome.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes. You are most welcome to visit the child you sponsor.

A visit means you can also see how much Astha Kiran has been able to accomplish with your sponsorship support. A visit also makes your sponsorship more meaningful for you as well as your sponsored child.

Ideally, it would be good if you wait for a period of six months and establish a rapport with the child you sponsor before planning a visit. Please send a written request to our email ID at at least 10 days in advance. We will be glad to organize a visit on any weekday.


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