The objective of Support-A-Child programme is to fund and sponsor the education of children who are studying in our non-formal educational centres and who are dropouts or who are at risk of discontinuing their schooling due to their impoverished circumstances. The goal of this program is to giving these deprived children a chance to be educated in normal schools. By paying Rs. 7000/- per annum you can give this chance to the underprivileged children of Lucknow slums.

Present Status of the project

There are 58 children are studying in different Private schools, Astha Kiran bears all educational expenses of children. 35 kind sponsors are supporting us for this noble cause.

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Information for Donors

It takes $150.00 (USD) or Rs.7000 (INR) or equivalent amount to sponsor the education of a child per year. A donor can sponsor any number of children. Donations can be paid quarterly, half yearly or annually.

We monitor the progress of children, provide guidance and closely work with the teachers, children and parents to ensure the quality of education. We make efforts to send the child's progress report quarterly to the sponsor.

Criteria of Selection for Sponsor-A-Child beneficiaries

Following are the criteria used for enrolling students into 'Sponsor-A-Child' programme.

Child must be the student of one of our non-formal educational centres.
In some cases deserving dropouts may be given a chance.
Children to be selected must be studying between 1st standard to 3rd standard.
Children yearly test is being taken, successful child will be selected in support a child program.
The parents of children below-poverty line i.e. their total family annual income should be less than Rs 36,000/-.
Girls, bright children, disabled and orphans are given preference.
Children must show the performance improvement to be able to continue the scholarship from Astha Kiran. Evaluation is done on continuous basis and decision to continue/discontinue the student will be made on yearly basis.

What you receive

Details of your sponsored child with photograph
Progress report every six months
A bond of love through regular correspondence
The feeling of joy by caring and sharing

Details of Expenses for the Sponsored child for a year

Admission Fees - Rs.500/-

Monthly Fees - Rs.3000/-(Rs.250/-per month, 12x250=3000)

Examination Fees - Rs.200/-

Tie-Belt-Diary - Rs.100/-

Uniform - Rs.500/-

Winter Uniform (sweater) - Rs.400/-

Shoes-Socks - Rs.400/-

Books and stationery - Rs.1500/-

Bag - Rs.400/-

Total - Rs.7000/-

NOTE: These expenses are worked out according to Hindi medium schools in Lucknow area.

Where your funds will be utilize..

Astha Kiran is a non-profit organization and takes great pride in our financial efficiency, our accountability to donors, and our transparency. We work to use every dollar/rupee contributed as efficiently as possible. Historically, over 90% of your contributions have gone towards our programs - towards helping children gain the lifelong gift of education - meaning that less than 10% percent of your money went to overhead (administrative and fundraising costs). Since 2004 to 2011, Astha Kiran spent more than 80% of your contributions on programs and projects. Our overhead ratio was 17.4% and we carefully monitor our administrative and fundraising spending to ensure control, transparency and effective fundraising.


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