Hard work is the key of success!


As a little Muslim girl in the slum of kalisha kunj Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh. MAIHSHARUN Astha Kiran sponsored child since 2005. She studies in Farmative Day school .she has four sibling,her father is a kabiwala and earn 3500 P.M and it is always difficult to afford school fees, so Astha kiran adopoted this child through our kind sponsor and start supporting their schooling expenses. when she was in class 2. She always get good marks in school. Her brilliance showing in her 10 board exam,she got 75% marks in board exam. She made Astha Kiran and her sponsor proud.

"Education unlocks the gateway of freedom"

Manoj, a child of about 12 years age, surviving on rag-picking and the sporadic sale of water filled in reused bottles at a platform of Charbagh railway station. No mother, no Father. Caught in the addiction of drugs. Seems destined for a life of a beggar or a rag-picker or a criminal or a life comparable to that of a dog!!! No. He was fortunate. Sonia Singh found him in the summer heat at platform number 7 when she had just started her mission of educating children at Charbagh railway station. Manoj was watching the whole education session from a distance. When Sonia saw him, she called him to join the others. Initially he was reluctant. But later on, sensing that other children were also from his profile, profession, locality and community, he gathered courage and politely asked if he could also join 'the school' and study like others.

His education, thus,started in that rudimentary school. Slowly and slowly, he overpowered his liking for the drugs and within one year he was free from the addiction. It was just because of his will power and for a slight change in his life's direction. Within two years of 'schooling,' he was able to read, write and had mastered addition and subtraction (though multiplication and division were still difficult for him). With a bit of education, came bigger dreams and upswing in opportunities. He confessed his wish before Sonia Singh that he wants to get rid of this job of selling water in used bottles and rag-picking. Sonia Singh, through Astha Kiran, helped him to set up a tea-shop on a thela trolly. At present he is earning 'decently' from his 'chai ki dukan' and still getting education in the centre of Astha Kiran. Who knows, tomorrow, the education he is receiving today will bring bigger dreams in his eyes along with the willpower and strength, besides widening of opportunities, to achieve them. "

My sponsor made my future bright!

Anjali is a talented girl of Astha Kiran. despite of difficulty condition she studied well and got their dream come true. Anjali was sponsored when she was in 4 by generous sponsor, her father is a fruit seller low income and big family are the main problem that family could not afford her school expenses, Astha Kiran took responsibility for her school expenses.she did not waste our support and she proved herself that She got 58% in her high school examination and got 59% in intermediate examination. Education saves her life to become a maid. Presently she is doing part time work in a multinational company Dominos as well as she is pursuing B.COM from Veer Bhadur degree college. We and our sponsor proud her.

Anjali says ,she want to become an accountant .


"I want to become a Teacher, says ten-year-old soni, who is in Class 2"

Life had not been easy for soni. Born to poor parents in the slums of Lucknow, Soni did not have access to even the basic amenities of life. With the father's meager income as a labour worker, the family lived in poverty. All they had was bits of plastic sheeting to make a roof over their heads.

Soni's mother , Ramshree says, "We didn't have access to water and no toilets were around. We had to use the open ground far away from our houses and we would go after it is dark. It was very unsafe for us."

Ramshree got married when she was just 16 years old. I never imagined my children would live like this and go to school without any difficulties." Life wasn't this easy for Ramshree when she was a child. But with the help of a kind-hearted sponsor, her daughter is able to aspire for a better future today.

Thanks to his sponsor, Soni and her family are hopeful of the future. Soni is working hard at school and looks forward to the day when her dreams will come true. "Everything started to change after Astha Kiran stepped in," says Ramshree.


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