Formal Education (Support A Child)

To encourage and help slum children to attend formal schools Astha Kiran selects children from its non-formal education centres on the basis of merit, motivation, need and Commitment of parents.

Astha Kiran's Support-A-Child (SAC) programme helps selected children by funding their school fees and other related expenses, as well as providing these students with after school tuition. Astha Kiran started SAC with 50 children and so far 124 children have been enrolled in private schools since 2004.

Since the Lucknow slums where Astha Kiran operates have not yet been regularized and recognized as slums by the government, the children and the parents living in these areas are under constant threat of eviction. The average family size here is 8 to 10 members. The parents are generally rag pickers, domestic workers, hawkers or fruit vendors. None of them have regular and secure source of income and are forced to survive below the poverty line. Most parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Although Astha Kiran has been working hard to get more and more children go to regular schools, many of them are forced To drop out due to family or other reasons.

  • Project type - Support a child(SAC).
  • Primary Focus - Children from slums.
  • Secondary Focus - To go to formal school.
  • Other Focus - Girls/boys
  • Area - Urban
  • Number of Children - 50


To provide basic education to first generation learners and remedial education to some children who are in formal schools.

This program aims to provide the less privilege children a public school exposure and opportunity to equip the child with motivation and interest for further schooling. The aim of this program is the overall development of the child and also to simultaneously generate interests for education among parents and the larger society.

Funding Source

Support a child project receives no funding from government or other donor agencies .This project completely run by contribution by Kind, Philanthropy people, which includes individuals, social clubs and groups who love children.


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Astha Kiran Shaikshik Evam Samajik Vikas Sansthan. B-2049, Indra Nagar, Lucknow, U.P. Pincode 226016